We feel that the wearing of a school uniform helps to unite the children and reflects the high standards we are striving to achieve.

‘Fashion clothes’ are not acceptable. Our uniform is flexible and affordable. We ask that all parents support the school in its aim to promote the school’s self image by the wearing of our school uniform.

We require children to wear grey skirts/dresses/trousers and navy sweatshirts or cardigans.

We do have named school uniform (sweatshirts/cardigans/ yellow polo shirts) but we also accept plain navy sweatshirts /cardigans and plain yellow polo shirts.



Blue/white checked short sleeved dress or
Grey or navy skirt and
Yellow polo shirt (required)


Navy sweatshirt or cardigan (named or plain)
Yellow polo shirt (named or plain)
Dark grey or Navy  skirt/trousers



Yellow polo shirt
Dark grey shorts


Navy sweatshirt or jumper (named or plain)
Yellow polo shirt (named or plain)
Dark grey trousers

PE kit

White t-shirt and black or dark blue shorts should be named & available in school at all times.  Children need a small bag to hold their PE kit.  PE kit can be either named or plain.


We request all children wear robust shoes for schools. Dr Marten type boots, high heels, ballet-type shoes and trainers are not suitable footwear for school. Children wearing this type of footwear will be asked to change into other shoes during the school day.

Please mark all items of clothing clearly with your child’s name.

The school keeps a reasonable stock of uniform in the School Office. Please request a price list if you wish to order some. It is usually possible to provide the right size of uniform on the same day.

Jewellery and Hair Care

In the interests of safety we request that children do not wear jewellery of any kind.  Children who already have pierced ears may wear only one pair of studs and these should be removed, or covered, for PE. If a child is found to be wearing more than one pair of studs a letter will be sent home requesting the removal of the other studs during school time. Children should have long hair (longer than shoulder length)  tied back during the school day. This is in the interests of hygiene and safety. Parents are asked not to send a pupil to school if they have coloured or tinted their hair.

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