Maths Mastery

We believe that mathematics is an integral part of learning that embraces every aspect of life. We want all of our pupils to experience all aspects of mathematics and develop a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject.

We encourage a growth mindset in our children and embrace the making of mistakes as a perfect tool for learning. We provide a wide range of opportunities to broaden pupils’ knowledge and deepen their understanding of mathematics. We strive for all pupils to believe and achieve and recognise themselves as mathematicians.

Mastery approach

At Queen Margaret Primary Academy, we adopt a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics in line with the National Curriculum (2014). Our ethos is that all children can find success in the study of maths and become confident mathematicians.

We teach skills to ensure our children are resilient learners who become life-long mathematicians and we aim to do this through the high-quality teaching of a stimulating and engaging maths curriculum. We promote children’s enjoyment of maths and provide opportunities for children to build a conceptual understanding of maths before applying their knowledge to everyday problems and challenges. We ensure challenge is provided for all children, whatever their understanding. Our maths lessons promote a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject, so children become fluent in calculations; possess a growing confidence to reason mathematically and hone their problem-solving skills, recognising that these three areas are equally important.

Our implementation

The ‘mathematics’ day


  • 30 minutes’ direct instruction and deliberate practice through continuous provision and adult-led tasks
  • Separate 15 minutes of Mastering Number (NCETM Programme)

Key Stage 1

  • 45 minutes’ direct instruction and deliberate practice
  • Separate 15 minutes of fluency (Ready, Steady, Maths! sessions)
  • Separate 15 minutes of Mastering Number (NCETM Programme)

Key Stage 2

  • 45 minutes’ direct instruction and deliberate practice
  • Separate 25 minutes of fluency (Ready, Steady, Maths! sessions)

Rediscovery curriculum adaptations

  • Using the White Rose’s updated schemes of learning, which include planned in recap lessons to reinforce core aspects from the previous year’s learning. This will allow us to ensure children have retained key information from the previous year and then link it smoothly to the current year’s new learning.
  • Fluency sessions to reinforce the previous year’s learning that was identified as insecure from our NFER analysis ready-to-progress trackers and post-unit assessments.


At Queen Margaret, we believe it is key for children to develop a comprehensive understanding of fundamental mental skills which underpin much of the mathematical concepts for pupils to be able to build on their mathematical knowledge, year on year. Our daily Ready, Steady, Maths! session help us to achieve this.

Why we do fluency

  • Avoid cognitive overload
    • When your brain has too much to compute, so shuts down.
    • Fluency allows children have an unconscious competence in mathematic knowledge so they can solve questions at their age.
  • Free-up working memory
    • Children’s working memory can focus on the problem in front of them and not focus on finding the ‘facts’ learnt years ago.

What each Ready, Steady Maths! session looks like

Working walls

Every classroom should display a mathematic working wall which must include:

  • STEM sentences or correct mathematical language.
  • An example of the concept being taught.
  • Suggested concrete apparatus for the unit being taught.
  • Concepts displayed using concrete/pictorial/abstract method.
  • Counting stick to help learn chosen times tables.

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